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Our Partners

Some of the incredible organizations that we work with in the Bay Area and around the world. 

United Playaz

United Playaz is a San Francisco-based violence prevention and youth development organization. We provide a comprehensive range of services to prepare vulnerable youth for higher education, employment, and healthy living within a safe, nurturing, and collaborative environment.

Family House

Family House serves as a home away from home for families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing physical comfort and emotional support, free from financial concerns.

St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco’s Riley Center offers safe and confidential comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence, along with their children, from the point of crisis to a woman’s achievement of self-sufficiency. 

Hamilton Family Center

Hamilton Family Center breaks the cycle of homelessness by helping families move quickly back into stable homes to restore the foundation for healthy family lives.

SAVE’s mission is to strengthen every individual and family we serve with the knowledge and support needed to break the cycle of violence and build healthier lives.


Via Center is a small Non-Public Non-Profit school in Berkeley, California. Our student body is largely comprised of students who have been unsuccessful in multiple public and other non-public programs. 


The mission of LITA of Contra Costa is to involve community members of all ages, educating & supporting youth, families & aspiring artist as Volunteers to fulfill our Mission to improve quality of life for senior & disabled persons in nursing care & assisted living facilities in Contra Costa County.

Additional Local Partners
  • Project Avery 

  • The Riley Center

  • Hamilton Family Services 

  • El Cerrito 

  • Kensington Community Center

  • Aurora Elementary 

  • Black Pine Circle School 

  • Olinda Elementary

  • Harding Elementary 

  • Hercules Parks and Rec 

  • Green ridge Senior Care

  • Antioch Convalescent 

  • Martinez Convalescent 

  • Riley Center 

  • Project Avery

  • EMQ Families

  • California Hotel

  • Prescott Circus Theatre 

  • Hip hop for change

  • Bay community fellowship

  • Western service workers association Oakland

  • Hillside Homestead

  • Giant puppets Save the World

  • Bread and Roses

  • Contra costa Rec Expo

  • Sponsors

  • East bay express

  • Savvy rest organic mattress

  • Circosphere entertainment 

Additional Partners from International Tours

  • Anandi (Gujurat) ~ Community development organization that works to improve the lives and protect the rights of women, children, and workers from marginalized communities throughout Gujurat.


  • Child Line (Tamil Nadu) ~ Organization that works with street kids throughout India and launched India’s first toll-free helpline for children in distress.



  • Clean Himalaya (Uttarakhand) ~ Rishikesh based environmental organization that works to clean up the Himalayan region of India and the Ganges river in particular.


  • Corporate Accountability Desk (Tamil Nadu) ~ Works to hold polluting and rights abusing organizations accountable to their actions.



  • Global Village (Madhya Pradesh) ~ Environmental organization in Khajuraho, MP that aims to spread public awareness in the fields of education, public health, and the environment.


  • MLD Trust (Maharashtra) ~ Health care organization providing free or affordable holistic medical services to marginalized communities including mobile clinics to remote tribal regions of Maharashtra.


  • Pipal Tree (Karnataka) ~ Ecological and capacity building organization that runs the Fireflies ashram, an “eco-spiritual” institution focused on education and training.


  • Ritinjali (New Delhi) ~ Education and community development organization that works with marginalized communities throughout Northern India.


  • SIPCOT (Tamil Nadu) ~ Alliance of organizations that work with villagers to monitor environmental conditions and fight against pollution in their communities.


  • Speak Out Salem (Tamil Nadu) ~ Citizen action organization working to clean up environmental problems in Salem, Tamil Nadu.

  • SWECCHA- Sweccha is a New Delhi based, youth-led, youth-run organization dedicated to enabling ourselves and others around us to 'Be the Change', in making a visible difference to the Environment- both Physical and Social. 








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