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Her Moment By Noah Dipasquale

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

It's hot. Way too hot. And it's windy. I cannot see from the glare of sunlight coming from what seems like everywhere. There is a pallet in the way of the concrete spot we've decided is the stage. I'm trying to move it. No you cannot move it, yes you can, no you can't.

Then one of my team just picks it up. Later he said something to the degree of if you see someone who really needs help doing something; help make that happen for them. He's got my back.

Now the backdrop won't stay up. Possibly it'll work if we move from this concrete spot to this one? Then the chairs they have been setting will have to move. The kids are already starting to sit. Back to the old spot and now trying to set up without a backdrop.

Fast forward. It’s a rough performance, but it doesn't seem to matter. This group of kids starts laughing and literally jumping out of their seats. It doesn’t matter what is going on behind the scenes. What matters is the kids and if this brings them joy.

After the show there is a similar thread of first show jitters and confusion. I'm dusting the kid's with the dusters we use to 'clean' the stage and the audience during the show. I start to realize that there are more people needed to clean up the show props and supplies. I'm grabbing a box when a cute little girl runs up to me and asks for a photo in Spanish. I gather that she is from Honduras and seeking asylum. She is beaming ear to ear and I can tell she really liked the show. Practically jumping from excitement.

She really wants a photo. Really wants a photo. I try to distract her by giving her my glittery hat to wear. She smiles only bigger. She needs to wear the necklace to complete the outfit. She beams more.

No photos are allowed of kids; we are in an emergency migrant shelter. We cannot take photos of them, they can take photos of us though. So, with some confusion (no one except me really knew what was going on) sheshe got her mother's phone and the universe has a photo of us together (and allowed by the organization). She wants for me to be in a photo with her so badly. I feel like a star in her eyes.

Maybe she’s a star in mine; one who is finding asylum here. that is her moment to remember. I remember Winnie the Pooh so vividly when I saw the giant costume character as a little girl. It was my moment. I keep it with me at all times. I’ll keep this moment with me at all times too.

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