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No matter how much you are able to give your contribution is meaningful to the critical work of Living Dream Arts. Your donation will provide supplies, create jobs, educate youth and expand our capacity and reach while making Living Dream Arts more effective and sustainable. Please consider making your donation a recurring monthly contribution and be a part of our ongoing success! Living Dream Arts is a Guidestar Platinum Level Participant.


Examples of what can be done with various levels of funding:

  • $8.50 buys a new set of juggling balls to be used in our programs for years

  • $40 creates a one time position for a local artist and provides 5-15 kids with one day of arts instruction

  • $100 provides art supplies for one 6 week series of art classes benefitting up to 100 youth

  • $300 creates a 6 week job for a local artist and 6 hours of instruction for underserved youth.

  • $500 creates a 10 week job for a local artist and 10 hours of instruction for underserved youth or funds a full scale circus show for a community.

  • $750 Creates a 10 week series of classes and provides all materials needed

  • $1500 Buys 3 gymnastics crash mats for students to learn acrobatics

  • $3000 ensures that we can run a new class year round and expand our current reach.

  • $5000 funds two new dance programs year round.

  • $10,000 Sends the Dreamtime Circus on a 2 week mini-tour reaching thousands of individuals and dozens of communities.




Both visual art and circus art classes need supplies and materials to run smoothly. Below is a list of materials needed; if you are able to donate, please contact to arrange a drop-off/ delivery! 



Colored electrical tape 

2x2 wood pieces and bolts to make stilts

Colored Spray Paint


Knee pads

Fabric for costumes for the youth troupe

Peacock feathers


Spinning plates and wood dowels

Bucket stilts



Acrylic paint

Watercolor paper



Museum passes (Oakland Museum of Art, Children’s Creativity Museum, Museum of Children's Art, etc)

Good quality paintbrushes

Oil paint 



Now tell your friends!

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We need your help!
Our programs survive due to the generosity of our compassionate and engaged community. Join our ranks as an advocate for the arts and for the communities our programs benefit. There are many ways to contribute and all contributions are impactful.

Organizations that support us

These generous organizations have given us much needed support and donations over the years and we gladly honor them here. Please check out their websites, products and services!


The James A. Doolittle Foundation                                                                       Brighton Collectibles

                                                                                                                                                                Savvy Rest                                                                                                       Neck of the Woods

Gaiam                                                                                                              Renegade Juggling


PG&E                                                                                                               The Lowell Barry Foundation


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