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"Living Dream Arts epitomizes daring, innovation and a will to make the world a more humane place, through creative arts and in whatever little way one can." 

Vimlendu Jha - 

Founder of SWECHHA

"The arts ed. program has filled a critical gap in our services. The youth have thoroughly enjoyed these classes and having this outlet has had a tremendous impact on their attitudes, confidence and behavior."

Rudy Corpuz Jr. - 

United Playaz

"I saw each child be successful! That is not always the case in the classroom. I was so moved to see a student that often struggles in the classroom, SHINE while doing his circus performance with peers. It was great for him to use his body in a way that was natural to him.

I know they will always remember this experience, not only because it was so fun, but because they accomplished something that started out pretty hard."

Michelle Brock - 

2nd Grade Teacher

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