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Local & Global Impact


Living Dream Arts provides art programs and live performances to underserved communities in the Bay Area and around the world. We believe that creating safe spaces for individuals to explore and express themselves, collaborate with peers and experience the arts has a lasting impact on life quality, achievement, and social responsibility.

     We support arts education through partnerships with schools, shelters, and other community institutions and reach out locally and internationally to offer these programs to youth from remote, impoverished or otherwise disadvantaged areas.

     Living Dream Arts began with the merger of two successful projects: VAGABOOM! and Dreamtime Circus. Both projects, believing that they could change the world through art and connect communities through play, unified and became stronger with the formation of Living Dream Arts. 

Our social circus program


We use circus arts as a medium for fostering communication across cultures to create an open exchange of ideas and artistic expression. As offerings of goodwill and solidarity, we perform free circus performances for our Bay Area community and the communities we visit, focusing our efforts on serving the underserved and those surviving natural disasters, dislocations, poverty, violence or geographic isolation or those who are geographically isolated from arts programs.


Wherever we go we’ll create a safe, magical, and inspiring space for kids and grown-up kids to play, create, and become whatever their imagination allows them to be. We’ll cross cultural bridges, at home and abroad, speaking the universal languages of art and laughter through our circus antics. We’ll respect the people, cultures, and sacredness of the land. We’ll dream our lives, live our dreams, and encourage everyone around us to join in. As of 2015, we have performed for over 20,000 individuals in need of laughter and provided workshops to over 7,000 participants

Our arts education program


The mission of this program is to supplement diminished arts and physical education, working with at-risk youth in women’s shelters, community centers, and schools via hands-on, performance-based and expressive arts for youth. We combine circus arts, music, theater, fine art, interactive arts, martial arts, dance, yoga, meditation, capoeira, and acrobalance to create a unique and empowering experience for each participant. In the past 3 years, we have additionally extended our diverse arts services to the mothers of youth at shelters, and also provided art workshops to staff


Utilizing a hands-on educational and artistic process, these classes directly empower youth with new creative talent and skills while fostering self-confidence, non-violence, discipline, self-respect, leadership and community awareness. We provide a safe and encouraging environment with a small teacher/student ratio. Our art classes also provide jobs to artists in the Bay Area.

Fiscally Sponsored Projects


Jaguar Luna Center for Imagination works on projects such as murals, public sculpture, public theatre, habitat restoration, film, dance, habitat restoration, environmental art, divination classes and more, are a few ways to engage inter-cultural exchange. We host workshops for up to two-week periods.  We hope that these will benefit both the individual’s artist/participant’s consciousness and everyone who comes to the center with their personal relationship with the “subtle” energies. 


ClownSnotBombs is a non-profit community circus troupe that believes joy and laughter are a fundamental human right. Their mission is to provide quality affordable entertainment and learning opportunities for everyone. Founded in 2006 in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, ClownSnotBombs began as a collaboration between circus artists and musicians, touring and performing across the country in a vegetable oil-powered bus. They also teach youth programs in the East Bay and host a weekly and free circus skill-share.

Past Fiscally Sponsored Projects


Fund the Flow Arts is a US-based nonprofit organization established in 2011 to present and promote the Flow Arts globally. The Fund aims to advance the prop manipulation-based Flow Arts and seeks to foster local Flow Arts communities and cultivate the development of a global community of Flow Arts practitioners.

Spark Circus is a nonprofit organization with a specific focus on the many Burmese refugee children located on the Thai-Burmese border, providing them with the fun, joy and laughter, that should be part of any childhood.

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