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Q&A with Aileen Lawlor

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

When was a moment where you remember the audience laughing or where you felt we brought joy with us?

When we greeted the elderly audience at the Asilo de Ancianos after the show, many expressed such gratitude to have us there. One elderly woman pulled me close and thanked us for coming and spending time with them. She told me their families leave them there, forget them & don't visit, and that we brought them light.

What was your favorite moment with the audience?

Every moment where the whole audience participated - whether it was their enthusiasm to be a volunteer, or come up and help Nathan with his slack rope - every time they were aching to come up on stage and be a part of the show!

How did you connect with the children?

I enjoyed connecting with the kids before and after the show, clowning a little bit with them, playing hide and seek, or shaking their hands for too long and acting like my hand was stuck to their hand. Their reactions to that is something I enjoy - when they realize they can play with us, that we are saying yes to them!

What was your favorite show(s)? How was Tijuana and Ensenada different for you?

My favorite show may have been the first women's migrant shelter that we went to in Tijuana, where 50 kids and moms crammed themselves into a tiny room to watch us do our show. Even though we had a tiny space, the show went really well. The kids were excitable and it was the first that we were seeing the reality of the migrant situation in Tijuana - many people in a small area, awaiting info on their cases. Ensenada & Tijuana were very different - In Ensenada I think we were serving a lot of impoverished Mexican communities & orphans in vast countrysides, and in Tijuana, we were seeing the effect of the migrant crisis, performing for children and families not just from Mexico, but from Central America and other Latin american countries, and seeing the state of the shelters first hand in the city.

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